Things to Love About Memphis

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Here are just 10 of many reasons we are head-over-heels in love with Memphis:

1. A multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, funky, authentic river city steeped in music heritage, Memphis has depth, texture and personality that many other cities lack. Translation: less staleness and stodginess, more fun and interesting finds.

2. Musical legends such as B.B. King, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley as well as modern artists like Justin Timberlake have made the Bluff city into an epicenter of musical innovation. And as Beale Street keeps buzzing and great bars and restaurants keep opening, the vibrant Downtown Memphis continues to thrive as a hotspot for both tourists and Memphians looking to see and be seen.

3. The Cooper Young District in Midtown and the South Main District Downtown are rich in cultural assets. Here you can get your groove on, listen to live music, check out unique treasures at funky shops, enjoy fine dining, or enjoy the South Main “trolley tour” where hundreds stroll in and out of shops and galleries with wine and hors d’oeuvres.

4. The cost of living is nice and low. You can get a very nice house for the same amount here as an 800 square-foot apartment in other cities. Oh, and you can get anywhere in the greater Memphis area in 30 minutes or less.

5. Memphis is incredibly rich in the arts, much of which is recognized nationally and even internationally. From the Dixon’s Young at Art events to Playhouse on the Square to shows at the Orpheum, it’s always hard to choose how to get your regular dose of culture.

6. Memphis has wonderful outdoor opportunities, including 10 riverfront parks and Shelby Farms, which is twice as large as Central Park and Golden Gate Park combined.

7. Work continues on a smart growth approach to urban planning to ensure we have walkable, sustainable, connected communities with plenty of greenways.

8. There are innumerable ways to get connected in this city, whether it is through volunteer organizations, non-profits or social groups like MPACT Memphis. Soon you'll find there are two degrees of separation in this city, and you will feel a sense of community in no time.

9. Memphis retains the feel of a place small enough to see the results of your work in the economic and overall community development of the city.

10. It is a thrill to be a part of the city when it is on the cusp of moving from greatness to brilliance as we continue to grow. For example, Memphis is emerging as a global leader for orthopedics and medical devices and other key areas of the biosciences.

Visit Memphis Fast Forward to see just some of the ways Memphis is growing.

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